Me of Course

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So you want to know who the man is behind the iron mask? Well you have come to the right place

Well to start off I was born July 9, 1973 so that would make me 26 and a
Cancer. I was born in North Carolina but since my dad was active Air Force we moved around alot. I Have lived here in Texas most of my life so I claim Texas as where I am from. Other than Texas the place I have lived the longest was Ohio where I myself joined the Air Force and after going to Germany found myself back here in Texas.

I have been in the Air Force for about 4.5 years now and have about 5 years to go before I have to decide once again if I want to reinlist again or not. I am in what is called Command and Control. I used to be in Law Enforcement before I crosstrained to my new career field

I am 5'11" 175lbs medium athletic build, brown hair and eyes, caucasion.

A non smoker and an occasional drinker

I have never been married and don't have any children

I don't currently have any tattoos and I don't have any piercings

I am very laid back and easy going. I love to do just about anything as long as it won't put me in jail. I like volleyball, racquetball, swimming, weights, movies, music, outdoors, clubs, pool, miniature golf, etc...

I am also a romantic and I believe that I am an original and that there are no other guys out there like me. First off I don't date girls for sex like most men do. I date them because I actually want to get to know them and secondly I only date one girl at a time. I am the type of guy that will open the door, pull out the chair at the table, give roses, likes to take walks under the moonlight, cuddle, cook candlelight dinners, basically just make it as special as I can for the woman I am with

Well that basically sums everything up about me. If there are any questions you can e-mail me below

Be sure to read on the Cancer's link above. That will tell you everything else there is you may want to know about me.

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